How Kitchen Contractors Can Weather Supply Chain Weaknesses

June 2, 2022

Kitchen cabinets for contractors are getting harder and harder to find at times. It used to be that kitchen cabinets quick delivery was a thing, but serious supply chain disruptions have been the norm for several years now. As a kitchen contractor, you know that has added to what custom kitchen cabinets cost. Things aren't as bad as they were at the height of the pandemic, but they're still happening. You need to know how kitchen contractors can weather supply chain weaknesses.

Three Specific Supply Chain Issues Impacting Cabinet Makers in My Area

Supply chain issues are happening for many reasons, ranging from labor matters to pandemic issues to international political tensions at times. Local cabinet makers are sometimes impacted by things that happen thousands of miles away on other continents. However, there are three specific problems you might have to deal with if you rely on modern custom kitchen cabinets in your kitchen contracting work:

  1. Delays: Cabinet makers in my area are often at the end of the supply chain, so they might be the most impacted by problems. If you prefer contractors' choice cabinets or custom cabinet solutions, then you may feel the pinch more so than others.
  2. Higher Prices: Inexpensive custom cabinets are getting harder to come by as the average cost of custom kitchen cabinets goes up. You may face this even more if you design your cabinets rather than use mass-produced options
  3. Material Shortages: Local custom cabinet makers might be someone you rely on for high-end custom kitchen cabinets, but they're having a harder time keeping inventory levels. Even the best online kitchen cabinets simply aren't being made as quickly as they used to.

Weathering Supply Chain Disruptions

Supply chain problems can be erratic, but you can smooth things out with the right tactics. If you want to be able to weather supply chain disruptions as they keep happening, then consider the following tactics to help your business be nimble in the turbulence:

  1. New Suppliers: Using the best custom cabinet makers near me might be a good move if you've previously been using suppliers from overseas. Cabinet makers in your local market are going to be able to respond faster to orders since they are closer, especially if they rely on different material sources than your usual cabinet makers do. Having a diverse network of different suppliers means you can shop around and see who can help at times that some of them possibly can't.
  2. Inventory Management: If you go through your past orders and find that some cabinet styles are common preferences among your clients, then you might want to order custom kitchen cabinets near me in that style. Stocking up on supplies and popular options when there isn't supply chain issues gives you a better shot of being able to deliver what consumers want when you do get hit with disruptions.
  3. Communication: Let your clients know that supply chain issues are still impacting your profession in ways that might be making their daily national news. Doing cabinet design online isn't an issue, but ordering and receiving the best semi-custom kitchen cabinets and having them delivered might take longer than usual. Give them immediate options from what you have already available while telling them which options would take longer to wait for so they can make informed decisions.
  4. Use Local Talent: If you design your cabinets on your own, then you might want to look for kitchen cabinet makers near me. We here at Baru are one such option for custom-built kitchen cabinets. Using local craftsmen keeps your transit and delivery times down since your custom-made kitchen cabinets don't have to travel as far. This can compensate for supply chain delays, especially if you work with Baru. Our cabinets are often made within 50 miles of the actual delivery location.

Here to Stay

Supply chain disruptions are likely here to stay. Labor shortages and local pandemic disruptions flare up at random and can create havoc throughout the international markets. However, you're not going anywhere either. Knowing the causes of supply chain issues and how they impact you as a kitchen contractor means you can actually get better over time at anticipating some of these bumps in the road.

Knowing how to weather these storms gives you the flexibility to stay in business and keep serving your clients. If you need custom kitchen cabinets made inside the United States and shipped quickly to your work locations, then we here at Baru are ready and willing to help. We can help keep your clients satisfied with their kitchen constructions and renovations.

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