About Baru Cabinets

Bringing manufacturing back to our communities

Baru usually manufactures within 50 miles of the delivery address. We don't ship long distances to avoid the risk of late deliveries and damaged goods. The shipping cost savings let Baru use superior materials and hardware. Baru supports local businesses instead of importing from overseas. Be confident that your money will go to your own community and support local businesses.

Creating well-paying jobs at every skill level

Despite Baru's competitive pricing, it doesn't mean workers are not well paid. Baru uses the idle time on local businesses' manufacturing robotics. On-demand local manufacturing avoids maintaining warehouses and other non-value-adding costs. Baru also avoids long distance shipping and wasting money on expensive protective packaging. Baru pays competitive wages for the advanced robotic manufacturing and skilled assembly services.

Customers don't pay for wasteful long-distance freight costs or warehouse overhead costs

You won't waste your hard earned money on expensive logistics and inventory storage. You won't pay for overseas freight, foreign labor, and customs fees. Instead, Baru will make your brand new custom cabinets right in your hometown and deliver them fast!

Meet our team

Dana Doron


Konstantin Tsiryulnikov


David Buchsbaum

Manufacturing Engineer

Tino Go

Founder & CEO