Things You Should Know About Kitchen Cabinets

June 2, 2022

Whether you design your own cabinets or just trust cabinet makers in my area, there are certain things you need to know about custom-built kitchen cabinets. Regardless of whether you decide to use inexpensive custom cabinets, the best semi-custom kitchen cabinets, or high-end custom kitchen cabinets, they're going to account for several things in your kitchen construction or renovation. First, they're going to keep your dishes stacked neatly out of the way, freeing your counters of clutter. Second, they'll be the unifying feature throughout your kitchen's backdrop. Third, they might account for up to half of your kitchen remodel.

You might be able to play around with cabinet design online to design your cabinets for free. However, sooner or later, you're going to have to decide on custom cabinet solutions. Given the average cost of custom kitchen cabinets, you want to make sure you spend this time and money right.

Knowing certain things about modern custom kitchen cabinets helps you make the most of this process.

Budget Wisely

There can be a wide range of price points in terms of how much custom kitchen cabinets cost, but they should also account for the biggest cost factor in your kitchen budget. Many industry experts will advise you to spend approximately 40 percent of your budget on your cabinets. Knowing this figure can help you either set the rest of your budget or decide how much of your budget to apply towards your custom-made kitchen cabinets.


Glazing has an upside and a downside. The good news is that it provides an antique finish that is nothing short of charming. The bad news is that it will usually bump up your total cost by approximately 15%, give or take.

Finish Matters

Ask custom kitchen cabinets near me, and they'll tell you that a stained finish is the most common choice for the finished style. In terms of hardware, brushed nickel is the most popular choice to go with it.

The Knob Is an Optical Illusion

Something else that cabinet builders in my area have to tell a lot of people is that a single knob that's on a drawer needs to be a bit higher than just the center. If they put it there, it will look off-center when you or anyone else looks at it from a standing height.

Design Dominance

While you want the best online kitchen cabinets, you should also want great drawers to go with them. The best versions frequently involve plywood bottoms, solid wood siding, and dovetail joinery.

Keep an Emergency Repair Kit

You need to keep an emergency repair kit available for your cabinets. Have several hinges, a few drawer guidance systems, repair tools, several pulls, and at least a pint of the particular stain coat that was used to finish the cabinets. You should also write down the style name of the cabinets and the name and address of whoever the manufacturer was.

Heads Up

You can choose to have a structure installed bridging the gap from the cabinet top to your ceiling. It's known as a soffit. If you want to cut labor costs down, choose to have cabinets installed without this feature.

Quiet Close

Try to find drawer models with a feature known as "soft close". Having this means they won't slam shut and rattle everyone.

Slide Into Great Drawers

Side mounts for cabinet drawers can handle the most weight, often 75 pounds or more. Center mounts are better for smaller storage capacity, such as 35 to 50 pounds. If you want to have total access to the interior of the drawer, then opt for over-travel slides that extend the drawer out past the cabinet front.

Check the Warranty

Short and limited warranties usually indicate lower-end manufacturing. High-end manufacturers back their cabinets with much longer warranties.

MDF Price Points

MDF stands for medium-density fiberboard. It's more economical than plywood, although it costs more than particleboard.

Framed or Not

Framed cabinet designs are what to look for if you want the classic and traditional look in your kitchen. Then again, frameless designs bring a sleek and contemporary look into your kitchen, and they save space if you're in tight quarters.

Baru Can Help

Here at Baru, we offer kitchen cabinets for contractors made by the best custom cabinet makers near you. We use local custom cabinet makers to avoid the financial and environmental costs associated with overseas manufacturing and shipping. Our local cabinet makers are within 50 miles of the delivery addresses we ship to, which makes kitchen cabinets' quick delivery possible in most cases. If you're looking for contractors' choice cabinets made by kitchen cabinet makers near you, then consider what our network can do for your next kitchen renovation or construction.

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