Things You Should Know About Kitchen Cabinets

June 2, 2022

Whether you're crafting your own cabinet designs or entrusting local cabinet makers, there are essential insights to grasp about tailor-made kitchens. Regardless of your preference for budget-friendly prefabricated cabinets, moderately flexible semi-custom options, or luxurious fully bespoke creations, these elements will significantly impact your kitchen's construction or renovation.

Primarily, they contribute to an organized arrangement of dishes, freeing your countertops from clutter. Additionally, they serve as a cohesive focal point within your kitchen's backdrop. Remarkably, they could encompass as much as half of your entire kitchen remodeling endeavor.

While experimenting with online cabinet design is feasible for initial concepts, the eventual shift toward personalized cabinet solutions is inevitable. Given the typical investment in custom kitchen cabinets, meticulous consideration during this phase is paramount. Acquiring knowledge about contemporary custom kitchen cabinets empowers you to optimize this journey.

Budget Wisely

The cost of custom kitchen cabinets can vary across a broad spectrum, considering various price levels. However, it's crucial to recognize that they often constitute the most significant expense within your kitchen budget. Professionals in the field often recommend allocating around 40 percent of your total budget towards your cabinets. This understanding serves as a valuable guide, assisting you in delineating the remaining budget or determining the appropriate portion to allocate specifically for your tailor-made kitchen cabinets.

Baru utilizes its unique technology and nationwide network of high-quality manufacturers to streamline processes, cutting production time and eliminating inefficiencies. By avoiding long-distance shipping and warehousing, Baru offers customers custom cabinets more affordably and quickly compared to traditional sources.


Glazing has an upside and a downside. The good news is that it provides an antique finish that is nothing short of charming. The bad news is that it will usually bump up your total cost by approximately 15%, give or take.

Finish Matters

Inquire with local custom kitchen cabinet experts, and they'll confirm that a stained finish ranks as the prevailing selection for final style. Complementing this choice, brushed nickel stands out as the favored hardware option.

Nonetheless, custom staining entails a labor-intensive manual procedure. In numerous urban regions, this process can incur expenses exceeding $25 per square foot for personalized stained finishes, with the outcome influenced by the wood grain underneath and the craftsman's expertise.

Baru customers can anticipate enhanced uniformity at reduced expenses. Baru offers customers and designers the liberty to select from 100s of prefinished colors and panel materials – including life-like simulated wood grain panels to opulent European-made authentic wood veneers.

The Knob Is an Optical Illusion

Something else that cabinet builders in my area have to tell a lot of people is that a single knob that's on a drawer needs to be a bit higher than just the center. If they put it there, it will look off-center when you or anyone else looks at it from a standing height.

Design Dominance

While you want the best online kitchen cabinets, you should also want great drawers to go with them. The best versions frequently involve plywood bottoms, solid wood siding, and dovetail joinery. Baru offers a multitude of drawer systems and box construction methods.

Keep an Emergency Repair Kit

You need to keep an emergency repair kit available for your cabinets. Have several hinges, a few drawer guidance systems, repair tools, several pulls, and at least a pint of the particular stain coat that was used to finish the cabinets. Baru's digital process and prefinished materials makes getting replacement parts easy.

Heads Up

You can choose to have a structure installed bridging the gap from the cabinet top to your ceiling. It's known as a soffit. If you want to cut labor costs down, choose to have cabinets installed without this feature. Baru wall cabinets can be sized for any height and width to maximize your kitchen's aesthetics, functionality, and storage.

Quiet Close

Try to find drawer models with a feature known as "soft close". Having this means they won't slam shut and rattle everyone. Baru cabinets come standard with soft-close hardware.

Slide Into Great Drawers

Side mounts for cabinet drawers can handle the most weight, often 75 pounds or more. Center mounts are better for smaller storage capacity, such as 35 to 50 pounds. If you want to have total access to the interior of the drawer, then opt for over-travel slides that extend the drawer out past the cabinet front. Baru uses elegant high-capacity undermount drawer slides that are hidden from view.

Baru Can Help

Here at Baru, we offer kitchen cabinets made by the best custom cabinet makers near you. We use local custom cabinet makers to avoid the financial and environmental costs associated with overseas manufacturing and shipping. Our local cabinet makers are within 50 miles of the delivery addresses for quick delivery. If you're looking for exquisitely constructed cabinets made by kitchen cabinet makers near you, then consider what Baru can do for your next kitchen renovation or construction.

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