Which Cabinet Style Will Best Suit Your Client’s Personality?

June 2, 2022

Picking the kitchen cabinets that will best suit the personality of your clients is crucial to your continued income. However, it might not always be that contractors' choice cabinets align with what your clients want. Kitchen cabinets for contractors can make it easy to stock up in advance, but if they'd rather have you design your own cabinets, then you might be looking for the best custom cabinet makers near me or even across the country for the best online kitchen cabinets.

Whatever circumstances you find yourself in, you need to always emphasize keeping your clients happy. You can do that in three steps:

  1. Get to know their personality and preferences
  2. Know the options that you can present them
  3. Deliver them what they want

Match Their Lifestyle

The kitchen of any home is going to be one of the most frequently used rooms. It's the social center of many residences and an integral part of the daily lifestyle of everyone who lives there. That does raise the expectations on your delivering the best semi-custom kitchen cabinets, but it also means you have a way to figure out what would match the personality of your clients.

You can always ask if they see a particular cabinet design online that they like, but you can also get to know their personality. While they might be preoccupied with the average cost of custom kitchen cabinets, you can ask them questions that help you get to know them:

  • Do you want custom-built kitchen cabinets to impress guests you entertain?
  • Are you a busy professional who wants to come home to modern custom kitchen cabinets?
  • Do you want me to design your cabinets to be safer for little kids running around?
  • What's your favorite piece of clothing?
  • What colors dominate your home?
  • Is your style more reserved or eclectic?

Open-ended questions get them talking and give you a lot of information you can use. If you talk to local cabinet makers in your area, they can probably give you some pointers since they may deal with deciphering client personality and style preferences frequently themselves.

Framing the Conversation

Determining the best custom kitchen cabinets near me for your clients might feel like looking for a needle in a haystack, but it doesn't have to be that way. You can start a process of elimination by asking your client about framed versus frameless kitchen cabinets. If they have a preference one way or another, they'll eliminate quite a few options right off the bat and help you help them select something specific.

  1. Framed Kitchen Cabinets: Most homeowners opt for these due to their craftsmanship, detailing, and durability. If your client is concerned about how much custom kitchen cabinets cost, then they should know how many affordable options there are in this category.
  2. Frameless Kitchen Cabinets: These are more of a European style that works well in tight spaces for people who like something easy to clean. However, if you need kitchen cabinets quick delivery, this option might not work if you can't find any available.

When you have an opportunity to do a consultation with your clients, it's worth taking a moment to show them a quick slideshow of different kinds of cabinets that might elicit positive responses from them. At a minimum, show them these six:

  1. Beadboard
  2. Craftsman/Mission
  3. Flat-Front/Slab
  4. Handle-Free
  5. Raised-Panel/Traditional
  6. Shaker

You should also let them know that they can choose from a variety of finishes they can choose from in most of these styles, including:

  • Glazing
  • Rub-through
  • Rustic
  • Pinstriping
  • Solid colors

If you visit the home the new cabinets are going to go into, be sure to get a look in at least one bathroom. The decor will often give you strong indications of their preferred style and personality, too.

Do They Want to Support Local Cabinet Makers?

If your clients ever express an interest in supporting local custom cabinet makers, then consider us at Baru when you look for kitchen cabinet makers near me. From inexpensive custom cabinets to high-end custom kitchen cabinets, we offer custom cabinet solutions made in the areas where your clients live. We typically have custom-made kitchen cabinets created within 50 miles of the final delivery address to support the local economy, use fewer fossil fuels in transit, save money, and expedite delivery time. These are all potential selling points that might align well with the values your clients share with you.

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